Wk15 – Classmate Conversation-Justin Marquez

My final classmate conversation this semester was with Justin Marquez. Justin is from Glendale, CA and he is currently living in the student dorms on campus. This is his first year at CSULB and he is majoring in Computer Engineering. During his free time Justin enjoys playing video games and playing basketball. During weekends Justin goes back home to visit his family and work at his part time job at a movie theater.


Here is a link to Justin’s website for more info:







Wk 15- Artist Conversation – Nancy Young

Artist: Nancy Young

Exhibition: As The Crow Flies

Media: paper, printing inks, screens, chemicals, transparencies, litho stone

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Dutzi -Gallery

Website: none

Instagram: none


About the Artist:

Nancy Young is currently  a student at CSULB in the art Printmaking Program. This will be her final semester because she will be graduating with her BFA this spring. Nancy lives in Costa Mesa and is a full time data  programmer for the City of Orange. She titled this exhibition “As The Crow Flies” to parallel her graduation and departure from CSULB. Nancy really enjoys printmaking and going to different classes to enhance her skills.

Formal Analysis:

Nancy’s work consisted of prints made from different materials and techniques.She was nice to show a group of the negative with the corresponding print in the exhibition. The prints themselves were made up of blacks and a varied other muted tones. The prints looked like they had a texture to them that would be felt if you ran your finger tips along the image.

Content Analysis:

Nancy told us that before she created any her piece she had the phrase “As the Crow Flies” in her mind. To her that phrase represented her finally leaving the nest of CSULB and flying away to graduate.  With that she started to try to find reference pictures of birds to help her create her prints. She told us she found many at the school library because it had great resources. She also took many of her own photos from her neighborhood and created prints of them. She pointed out one to us that was a view as seen from her driveway.


I really connected with this exhibition. Just as Nancy will be graduating soon, I will also be departing CSULB within a year. It does fill like you will soon be leaving the protection of the CSULB nest and going out into the world to fend for yourself. I really enjoyed talking with Nancy because she was really interested in explaining the different processes she went through to create her work.





Wk14- Art Experience – Sketching in the Garden

Sketching in the Japanese garden was a really relaxing and fun experience. The day was nice and  sunny making an outdoor activity like this all the more pleasant. My Drawing skills are not that fantastic but I tried to sketch and not use my eraser. I really had fun just sitting and drawing and I like how my sketches turned out in the end. I had a difficult time with the abstract portion of the assignment

Wk 13- Artist Conversation -Nick Bamford

Artist: Nick Bamford

Exhibition: Untitled

Media: Mixed Media, Plaster, Clay, Cement

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Gatov West Gallery

Website: none

Instagram: @nickbamf4d


About the Artist:

Nick Bamford is currently a senior at CSULB. He is on track to graduate this semester with a BFA in Ceramics. Nick has plans on going to grad school to continue his art. He has not decided on which school he will attend but UCLA or Yale are on his list of options. Nick moved to Huntington beach when he was young  and decided to take a ceramics class in high school. From then on art became on of his passions.


Formal Analysis:

Nicks art is really intriguing to the eye. The different neon colors used really make various parts of the sculptures pop and draw in your attention. He uses different artifacts to make up a single piece. All the pieces are awkwardly shaped so Nick would have had to take in account  the weight of certain object and the balance of the pieces as a whole.

Content Analysis:

For this exhibit Nick was trying to go for something unique and a little strange. Nick related that none of his pieces are random. Each piece represents a part of brought to life. Each piece incorporates different artifacts into a new and interesting visual context. The different color lights aid with the visuals especially in a very dark space like the one used for this exhibit.


I found this exhibit to be very intriguing to attend. I like the way you could view something new on each piece depending on how you where positioned in relation to the piece.  I found myself in awe in how he managed to balance these pieces. They seemed to all be very top heavy with a very small supporting base.

Wk 13-Student Conversation-Cassandra Topete

This week I had the pleasure to speak with Cassandra Topete. This is her first year at CSULB and she is currently majoring in Psychology. She was telling me that she has a long way to go because she plans on getting her Doctorate. When not at school she enjoys going to the beach and hanging out with her friends. Cassandra also enjoys watching Netflix and eating meat lovers pizza. She was laughing as she was explaining to me she could never be a vegetarian. Cassandra broke up her favorite movies into two categories for me, animation and non-animation. Hr favorite animated movie is Hercules and her favorite non-animated movie is A Walk to Remember.





Wk 12-Student Conversation-Crysta Tim

Crysta is currently majoring in Graphic Design but she plans on switching to English. She was talked into Graphic Design by her dad but after trying it she decided she would enjoy switching over to English. Crysta enjoys reading and writing. Her favorite genres are fantasy fiction and poetry so it was not a surprise when she told me her favorite authors are J.K Rowling and Ellen Hopkins. Crysta explained to me that Ellen Hopkins writes poetry but they come in a novel format. Her favorite color is red and her favorite food is raspberry cheesecake. Crysta loves animals and for a fun fact she told me she was named after a character in the animated film Fern Gully.




Wk 12- Artist Conversation -Tiffany Le

Artist: Tiffany Le

Exhibition: Tàu

Media: Canvas, Water color paintings, Paper, Charcoal

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Dutzi Gallery

Website: http://www.letealeaf.com

Instagram: @letealeaf 

About the Artist:

Tiffany grew up in Garden Grove California. She  is currently a CSULB student in the masters program of Illustrations. She will be finished with her masters this May. Tiffany has been drawing from a very early age. At the age of three she would copy the pictures from cereal boxes. For her hobbies she enjoys Japanese fencing and playing with her bunnies.

Formal Analysis:

Tiffany’s paintings primarily uses watercolors. They tend to be very dark and foreboding. She uses a lot black and dark muddy reds in her paintings. Tiffany uses black to paint the water in her pieces making them seem more dark and mysterious then if they were painted with the traditional light blue. In Tiffany’s exhibit there was also a centered piece that hand many paper boats placed around it. The center piece consisted a a very large paper boat placed on a painted swirls that give me the impression of a black

Content Analysis:

Tiffany’s exhibit  Tàu was inspired by the stories of Vietnamese  American refugees.  Tàu means boat in Vietnamese and it is featured in all of her pieces in this exhibit. You can see all the dark imagery in her paintings that reflects the emotions and danger that the refugees faced when they had to flee their country.


This exhibit is really thought provoking when you realize the history that it is referencing. Looking at some of the work made me wonder if there was a larger story behind their  creation. She seems to combine fantasy imagery in her paintings that help lighten and bring hope to the dark of war and fire.

Wk 11 – Art Experience – Turning Pages


Ephemeral experiences like the turning of pages can be documented through photograph, film and writing. Using these media you can show the emotion related with the experience to the reader or viewer so the will have an accurate account of the experience.

I believe that the style of the words or pictures definitely effects the experience that is related to the audience.From the angle of the video or photograph to the filter used on the image has a effect on the audiences experience. The experience of the writer and the format of the words will also effect the experience of the audience.  An experience written by Shakespeare will be different with on written by E.L James for example.

Film would also work for documenting experiences. Film would be able to show the atmosphere and emotion of the experience. It would be the best thing if you could not experience something live.

I do think the act of trying to document an experience takes you out of the experience. Lets say if you are trying to document a activity you will be experiencing the activity through a the camera. You would be more focusing on getting a nice shot, and you would not focus on the actual experience you are trying to document.

They where different because in the library I was focused on the actual activity of reading books and experiencing everything that went with it. In the bookstore I was more focused on pictures then actually experiencing the bookstore.

I thought this activity was a real interesting experiment dealing with documentation and experience. I gained insight into myself that I experience less when I focus on documenting  an experience. I know if I truly want to experience something I need to really be focused on that activity and not on documenting.

I gained insight on the fact that the nature of spaces change as demand dictates and people think its troublesome to use a space for something then its designated purpose. The library has spaces dedicated for computers and when we tried to use it for reading since it is a library someone tried to get us to leave.