Wk 11 – Art Experience – Turning Pages


Ephemeral experiences like the turning of pages can be documented through photograph, film and writing. Using these media you can show the emotion related with the experience to the reader or viewer so the will have an accurate account of the experience.

I believe that the style of the words or pictures definitely effects the experience that is related to the audience.From the angle of the video or photograph to the filter used on the image has a effect on the audiences experience. The experience of the writer and the format of the words will also effect the experience of the audience.  An experience written by Shakespeare will be different with on written by E.L James for example.

Film would also work for documenting experiences. Film would be able to show the atmosphere and emotion of the experience. It would be the best thing if you could not experience something live.

I do think the act of trying to document an experience takes you out of the experience. Lets say if you are trying to document a activity you will be experiencing the activity through a the camera. You would be more focusing on getting a nice shot, and you would not focus on the actual experience you are trying to document.

They where different because in the library I was focused on the actual activity of reading books and experiencing everything that went with it. In the bookstore I was more focused on pictures then actually experiencing the bookstore.

I thought this activity was a real interesting experiment dealing with documentation and experience. I gained insight into myself that I experience less when I focus on documenting  an experience. I know if I truly want to experience something I need to really be focused on that activity and not on documenting.

I gained insight on the fact that the nature of spaces change as demand dictates and people think its troublesome to use a space for something then its designated purpose. The library has spaces dedicated for computers and when we tried to use it for reading since it is a library someone tried to get us to leave.



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