Wk 8 – Artist Conversation – Bri Joy

Artist: Brianna Joy ( Bri Joy)

Exhibition:  Merge

Media: Screen-printing

Gallery:CSULB School of Art, Gatov Gallery East

Instagram: @bri.joy:



About the Artist: 

Brianna Joy is currently in her last year of the CSULB Printmaking program in pursuit of her BFA.  Brianna transferred in from Orange Coast College to join our CSULB family.  She started printmaking in high school and came into college looking to pursue that art. Brianna comes is from a small town in the Santa Ana  mountains.

Formal Analysis:

Brianna’s pieces were created using printmaking. She uses black and white in a linear pattern to form images. Her work is very large and complex. I found myself having to look at her work at varying distances to be able to take in the totally of a piece.  I noticed that as you went around the gallery the less straight the lines of her pieces were and more curves we seen.

Content Analysis:

Being In the CSULB CECS program the first thing that entered my mind when I looked at some of  Brianna’s pieces was that it looked like a digital circuit. I was pleasantly surprised to learn that what Brianna was aiming for. A merging of digital and organic. Brianna’s overall theme is to show how to things can coexist together and she has done a splendid job.


I really enjoyed Brianna’s exhibition. The concept of merging ideas together plays a role in everyone lives. Personal relationships are all about merging two separate identities into one functional unit or partnership and watch the two separates coexist as one.  My favorite  piece was ‘Circumvent’.There was something in the mix of straight and subtle curved lines that appealed to me.


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